2022 Program

Mid-Atlantic Conference on British Studies
2022 Annual Meeting
William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA
Saturday, April 23, 2022


8:30-9:00am Registration and Breakfast

Registration Area: Tent located between James Blair Hall and Chancellors Hall

SESSION ONE: 9:00-10:30am

1. Writing Women: Agency, Travel, and History in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries 

Room: James Blair 205

Matthew Cerjak (St. John’s University), “‘Wives, like Good Subjects, Bow to Husbands’: The Conflict of Female Literature”

Caroline Armbruster (Louisiana State University), “‘These Unhappy Ladies’: Agnes Strickland’s Influence on Modern Depictions of Henry VIII’s Six Wives”

Chair/Comment: Stephanie Koscak (Wake Forest University) 

2. Region, Religion, and the Persistence of Tradition

Room: James Blair 206

Cecilia Barnard (College of Charleston), “The Survival of Folk Magic in Reformed Scotland”

Daniel Bottino (Rutgers University), “‘By Turff and Twigg’: Oral and Literate Culture in Seventeenth-Century Maine

Anne Powell (William & Mary), “English Heresy, New England Legacy: Legacies of Protestant Heresy in the Massachusetts Antinomian Controversy, 1636-1638”

Chair/Comment:  Brent Sirota (North Carolina State University)

3. Managing Health, Disease, and Morality in the Eighteenth Century

Room: James Blair 229

Emily Bowlus-Peck (SUNY at Buffalo), “Societal Influences on the Rise of Eighteenth-Century London Public ‘Lunatic’ Hospitals”

Seth Stein LeJacq (Duke University), “‘Backside Rules the Navy, Backside Rules the Sea’: Homosexuality and the Royal Navy in History, Historiography, and Pop Culture”

Joseph Bienko (Pennsylvania State University), “Nothing Reigns but Confusion and Anarchy: Disease and Military Discipline in the Late-Eighteenth-Century Caribbean”

Chair/Comment: Timothy Jenks (East Carolina University)

COFFEE BREAK: 10:30-10:45am

SESSION TWO: 10:45-12:15pm

4. Politics, Loyalty, and the Past in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

Room: James Blair 229 

Samuel Slattery (William & Mary), “Remembering and Debating Medieval Urban Revolt in Early Modern England”

J. Patrick Mullins (Marquette University), “The Great Commoner as Regicide: William Pitt, Charles Wilson Peale, and the Commemorative Art of the Stamp Act Repeal”

Mark Mulligan (William & Mary), “Disillusioned Roundheads: The Memory of Oliver Cromwell in Rhode Island during the American Revolution”

Chair/Comment: Nicole Greenspan (Hampden-Sydney College)

5. Spirit(ual) Matters in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries  

Room: James Blair 205

Winston Hill (Yale University), “Blaming ‘Turbulent Spirits’: Jamaica, New York, and the Imperial Narrative of Factiousness”

Sofia Lago (University of Bristol), “Death of the Fairy: Arabella Buckley’s Science Writing and the Reinvention of Fairyland in the Nineteenth Century”

Chair/Comment: Kim Wheatley (William & Mary)

6. Comparison, Competition, and Cooperation in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Room: James Blair 206

Jules Gehrke (Saginaw Valley State University), “Canals, Engineers, and British Identity”

Bethany Holley-Griffith (University of Oklahoma), “Methods for Change: British and US Education Reform for Women in the Nineteenth Century”

Ashley Morin (SUNY at Buffalo), “‘I don’t want that colouring crayon, it’s a Fenian one’: Challenging Stereotypes through Youth Work as Peace Work during the Troubles

Chair/Comment: Tim Alborn (Lehman College)

12:15-1:15pm: Lunch

      Tent located between James Blair Hall and Chancellors Hall

1:15-2:45pm: Plenary Roundtable

“Inclusivity, Equity, and Representation in British Studies”

         Room: James Blair 229

Chair: Chris Bischof (University of Richmond)

Brooke Newman (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Melissa Shields Jenkins (Wake Forest University)
Mary Draper (Midwestern State University)
Stanley Arnold (Northern Illinois University)

COFFEE BREAK: 2:45-3pm 

SESSION THREE: 3:00pm-4:30pm

7. Race, Class, and Politics in the Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century

Room: James Blair 205

Anthony Parent (Wake Forest University), “Julius Soubise, Equestrian”

Andrew Maginn (Sewanee: The University of the South), “The Black Prince”

Timothy Jenks (East Carolina University), “Reform’s Windows: Illuminations and the Reform Bill Crisis”

Chair/Comment: Andy August (Penn State Abington) 

8. The Local and the Global: Imperial Belonging and Politics in the Nineteenth Century

Room: James Blair 229

Manamee Guha (Fort Hays State University), “Longing for Belonging in London: Returning Colonial Ways to London’s Clubland”

Hillary MacKinlay (Georgetown University), “The Transgressions and Trial of HBM Consul Pritchard: Imperial Competition and the Local Perspective in Fiji, 1861-62”

Timothy Forest (University of Cincinnati – Blue Ash), “‘Redeemers, Rejects, and Reprobates’: Scottish Colonization, the State, and the New Imperialism on the Frontiers of Empire, 1884-1892

Chair/Comment: Chris Bischof (University of Richmond)

9. Popular Media and Politics in Twentieth-Century Britain

Room: James Blair 206

Lawrence Black (University of York), “The (In)Discreet Charms of the Bourgeoisie: Sloane Rangers and Cultures of (C)conservatism”

Derek Medeiros (Louisiana State University), “Rock Star Politics: Creative Industries, Popular Music, and New Labour Politics”

Amit Gupta (United States Air Force War College), “Political Economy, Globalization, and Transnational Actors as themes in Bond”

Chair/Comment: Brett Bebber (Old Dominion University)

4:45-6pm: Plenary Address

Room: James Blair 229

Tony A. Frazier (North Carolina Central University), “Law and Liberty: Black Runaways in Eighteenth-Century England”

6-7:30pm: Reception and Drinks

Tent located between James Blair Hall and Chancellors Hall