MACBS Booklet Program 2019

The Mid-Atlantic Conference on British Studies

2019 Annual Meeting

Saturday April 6

8:30-9:00am Registration and Breakfast
Registration Area: Lobby of Tucker Hall

SESSION ONE: 9:00-10:30am

1. World to Table: Digesting the Long Eighteenth Century

            Room: Tucker 111

Jennifer Egloff (St. Joseph’s University), “A New Digester: Denis Papin, the Royal Society, and the Application of Scientific Knowledge to Cookery in the Late Seventeenth Century”

April Fuller, (University of Maryland), “World to Table: British Culinary Refinement of the Eighteenth Century”

Laurel Burggraf Basset (University of Maryland), “World to Table: Reading Dinner in Eighteenth-Century Britain”

Chair/Comment: Amy Froide, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

2. Exiles in the Imperial Atlantic: Religion, Nationality, and Revolution

                Room: Tucker 220

John Calhoun Parks (Lehigh University), “‘A Pest of the Church’: The Exile of Edward Marston and the Politics of Church and State in Colonial Carolina”

Catherine Harris Naeve (Rutgers University), “From Exiles to British Subjects: Huguenots and the Plantation Act of 1740”

Patrick Harris (Rutgers University), “The Greatest Rascals in the Universe: French Émigrés and Refugee Policy in the British Colonial Atlantic”

Chair/Comment: Sydney Watts (University of Richmond)

3. Imperial Ecologies and Sowing Dissent in the Long Nineteenth Century

Room: Tucker 221

Raymond Hyser (University of Chicago), “‘The Art that doth mend Nature’: Plantations and Ecological Transformation in Late Nineteenth-Century British Ceylon”

Aggelis Zarokostas (University of Bristol), “Contagious Disease Debates in Britain and Mediterranean Colonial Officials”

Hannah Groch-Begley (Rutgers), “Nationality and Transimperial Identity: Ottoman ‘Friends’ and ‘Enemies’ in the British Empire During the First World War”

Chair/Comment: Chitralekha Zutshi, College of William and Mary

SESSION TWO: 10:45am-12:15pm

4. Refocusing on Lived Spaces and Sounds of Empire

            Room: Tucker 220

Alexandra Macdonald (College of William and Mary), “‘The Shop on the Corner of Wing’s Lane’: Retail Spaces in Colonial Boston”

Kristen Van Uden (College of William and Mary), “Floating Empire: British Cultural Transference at Sea; Cunard and White Star Line as the Soft Royal Fleet, 1870-1932”

Trevor Nelson (University of Rochester), “The Imperial Echo Chamber: Ethel Smyth and the Sonic Experience of Empire”

Chair/Comment: Katie Hindmarch-Watson (Johns Hopkins University)

5. Contesting Slavery and Allegiance

            Room: Tucker 221

Casey Schmitt (McNeil Center for Early American Studies), “‘Yet he has killed his Brother, and that in Cold Blood’: Murder and Mastery in the Seventeenth-Century Caribbean”

Henry Snow (Rutgers University), “Fugitive Harbor: Instability, Marronage, and Contested Control at Antigua Naval Yard”

John Ruddiman (Wake Forest University), “‘We should have thought more about their deliverance:’ Relationships between British Forces & Enslaved Virginians in the 1781 Yorktown Campaign”

Chair/Comment: Michael Dickinson (Virginia Commonwealth University)

6. Embodied Texts and Networks of Desire in Nineteenth-Century Fiction

            Room: Tucker 111

Meara Waxman (Elon University), “‘Love is a Divine Virtue’: Linguistic Analysis of Female Friendship and Homoeroticism in Charlotte Brontë’s Shirley”

Mariam Zarif (Kings College London), “The State of the Press: Women and Penny Weeklies in the Late Nineteenth Century”

Janet Myers (Elon University), “Fashioning Self and Story at the Fin de Siècle”

Chair/Comment: Deborah Morse (College of William and Mary)

12:15-1:15pm: Lunch

Blow Hall 201

1:15-2:45pm: Plenary Roundtable

Legacies of Slavery, Indenture, and Labor Migration in Britain and the British Empire”

Room: Tucker 127A

Urvashi Chakravarty (George Mason University)

Jamie Rosenthal (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

Jody Allen (College of William and Mary)

Jonathan Connolly (Davis Center, Princeton University)

Chair: Stephanie Koscak (Wake Forest University)

SESSION THREE: 3:00-4:30pm

7. Religious Uncertainty, Spiritual Belief, and the Early Modern State

                  Room: Tucker 111

Jane Tar (University of St. Thomas), “The Hybrid English Catholic Self: Reading the Autobiographical Discourse of the Franciscan Martyr, Francis Bell (1590-1643)”

Joshua Mark Rodda (Appalachian State University), “The English Religious Dialogue as Guide and Evidence for the 1600s”

Philip Myles Smith (US Air Force Academy), “Yet the Fire Did Not Consume It: Religious Nonconformity and Presbyterian Resistance in the South and West of Scotland, 1661-1688”

Chair/Comment: Nicholas Popper (College of William and Mary))

8. National, Transnational, and Imperial Projects

            Room: Tucker 220

Jeremy Kinney (Smithsonian), “Airminded Nationalism: The Royal Air Force High Speed Flight, 1924-1931”

Alison Hight (Rutgers), ‘“Loyalist, but no Subscriber’: A Four-Nations Approach to Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee”

Amy Limoncelli (College of William and Mary), “Internationalism after Empire: Decolonization, International Civil Servants, and British United Nations Policy”

Chair/Comment: Charles Reed (Elizabeth City State University)

9. Intersections of Race, Space, and Childhood in Empire

            Room: Tucker 221

Chris Bischof (University of Richmond) , “Children of Freedom: Elementary Education, Family, and Black Childhood in the British West Indies, 1834-1860”

Bright Alozie and Ian Ferguson (West Virginia University), “‘A Proper Share of His Own Country’: Contesting the Boundaries of Race in Colonial Kenya and Nigeria”

Cody Rossler (Stony Brook University), “Ethnological Inquiry as Entertainment: The ‘Aztec’ Children in Victorian Britain”

Chair/Comment: Kathrin H. Levitan (College of William and Mary)

5:00-6:00pm: Plenary Address:

Brooke Newman (Virginia Commonwealth University)

“Slavery, Racial Inheritance, and the Law in Britain’s Atlantic Empire”

Room: Tucker 127A

6:00-7:30pm: Reception and Drinks

Room: James Blair Hall 206 (History Department Library)

Sunday April 7

8:30-9:00am Registration and Breakfast

Registration Area: Lobby of Tucker Hall          

SESSION FOUR: 9:00-10:30am

10. Transatlantic Identities and Institutions: Legal Cultures, the Slave Trade, and Reform

Room: Tucker 111

Christopher Fritsch (Mountainview College), “Beyond London, Before Hardwicke: Equity in Colonial Pennsylvania, Transatlantic Legal Culture or Colonial Divergence?”

Anthony Parent (Wake Forest University), “Four Perspectives on the Eighteenth-Century British Slave Trade: the Professor, the Doctor, the Governor and the Prince (Adam Smith, Arthur Lee, John Roberts, and William Ansah Sessarkoo)”

Timothy Jenks (East Carolina University), “Major John Cartwright and Naval Patriotism”

Chair/Comment: Timothy Alborn (Lehman College)

11. End of Empire: Britain and the Middle East, 1945-1960

          Room: Tucker 220

Benjamin Linzy (Marquette University), “‘The Moslem Mussolini’: British Justifications for Intervention in the Suez Canal Zone”

Edward J. Longe (Marquette University), “Eden’s Lost Egypt: Sir Anthony Eden and the Decline of British Influence in Egypt 1936-1956”

Denise Laszewski Jenison (Kent State University), “To Whom Shall We Go? Great Power Messaging in the Debate over Palestine”

Chair/Comment: Amy Limoncelli (College of William and Mary)

SESSION FIVE: 10:45-12:15pm

12. Early Modern Information Practices: Translation, News, and Diplomacy

Room: Tucker 111

Peter Olsen-Harbich (College of William and Mary), “Petty Kings, Rule-Lords, and Reguli: Towards a Political Anthropology of Small Polities in Renaissance Travel Narratives”

Steven Casement (Pennsylvania State University), “England or Anletār: Elizabethan Diplomacy and the Levant”

Philip Mogen (The University of Pennsylvania), “The News Becomes Commonplace(d): History, Memory, and Current Events in the Commonplace Book of Richard Symonds”

Brandon Munda (College of William and Mary), “That Which We Call a War: Constructed Stakes and Weaponized Information on the Eve of Spanish Succession”

Chair/Comment: Stephanie Koscak (Wake Forest University)

13. Rivalries and Strange Bedfellows in the Special Relationship: the United States and Britain

Room: Tucker 220

David Strittmatter (Washington & Jefferson College), “Interwar Culture Clash: The Rodeo Disaster at London’s White City”

Sabrina (Louisiana State University), “‘Preventing the Yankees From Getting A Footing’: British Debate on Initiating Trade with Japan, 1840-1850”

Ryan Shaffer (Independent Scholar), “British Fascism and American Friends: The British National Party’s Transatlantic Outreach”

Treasurer: Brett Bebber (Old Dominion University)

Thank you to our hosts and sponsors for MACBS 2019: the Lyon Gardiner Tyler Department of History and the Reves Center for International Studies at the College of William and Mary.