Graduate Student Paper Prize

The Mid-Atlantic Conference on British Studies inaugurated a Graduate Student Paper Prize in 2011. The prize is awarded annually to the best paper read at the conference by a graduate student. The prize award consists of $250 and a citation read at the subsequent meeting of the organization.

To Enter:

All students currently enrolled in graduate programs who read papers at the conference and have not yet received their PhD are eligible to submit their paper for consideration for the prize. Papers should be submitted substantially as read at the meeting in content and length (with only minor corrections permitted) and include footnotes or endnotes. Papers must be submitted electronically to the MACBS president ([email protected]) no later than two weeks after the end of the conference. A prize committee consisting of (or appointed by) the officers of the MACBS will judge the papers and award the annual prize.

Past winners

Adam C. Hill (University of Connecticut) “The Colonial Body as Artifact: Mummies and Curses in Late Modern Britain”

Daniel Cheely (University of Pennsylvania), “Tyndale’s Liturgizing Pirates and the Reading Market for Early English Bibles”
Honorable Mention: Lee Wilson Bowden (University of Virginia,) “Seizing Slaves, Settling Empire: Escheat and Constitutional Conflict in Early Eighteenth-Century Jamaica”

Craig Gallagher (Boston College), “Covenants and Commerce: Scottish Networks in the English Atlantic.”

Jane Smith (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill), “The Highwayman and the King: Constructing Popular Royalism in Cheap Print during the Interregnum.”

Erica Mukherjee (Stony Brook University), “Civilizing the Uncivilizable: The British Idea of the Indian Railway System.”

Amanda Perry (Catholic University), “Tactical Fashion: Uniforms, Identity, and Power in Interwar Iraq.”

Marissa Rhodes (University of Buffalo), “‘It Sprang from the Teats of the Devil’s Breast’: Wet Nurses’ Bodies as Vectors of Disease and Defect.”